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Every year, we organise several trips by yacht, such as the 'Picon Promenade' to France in the beginning of the summer. Or the 'X-Mas' on 26 December, when we visit SYCOD, the yacht club of Oostduinkerke. And so on…

We have club evenings, video evenings, a weekly barbecue during summer. On calm days, there’s volleyball, beach golf,…

We have open door days and take part in national organisations like the 'day of the sports club' and more.

The club also organises big national races, as well as European and World Championships.


To take part in racing, you need a pilot’s licence, which can be obtained after a theoretical and practical examination.

Our pilots regularly attend races in France, the Netherlands, Germany and even go to the USA and Australia (!!), where we have a lot of friends.

This way, we learn to sail in different conditions, because every beach is very specific. And landyachting is not limited to sand beaches. We sail on airports, salt and dry lakes and when we go north, we can put skates under the yacht and sail on ice.

Thanks to our enormous race experience, we can call the RSYC a club of champions – and rightly so. No club has more European and World titles as we do.

International contacts.

The RSYC is respected worldwide as a pioneer of the sport. We invest in big efforts to bring clubs and federations from all continents together in the FISLY (International Federation of Sand and Landyachting ).

SMSYC (Sunday Morning Sand Yacht Club).

This is a club inside the club, a bunch of people who meet almost weekly. The giddy limit consists in rigging the yachts before sunset and sailing at the break of dawn with the sea-gulls as the sole witnesses.

Starting with landyachting up

New members without any experience first take a short theorethical and practical training in order to obtain an elementary certificate. Once you have this, you are free to sail the beach without counsel. This certificate is mandatory by the municipal police regulation, whether you are member of a club or not.

The club organises regularly series of lessons. Members can get a series free of charge.

series of lessons this year

During spring half-term, Easter, summer and autumn half-term holidays, RSYC members can join the daily lessons of the federation LAZEF, free of charge.

Are you interested, but these dates don't suit you?
Contact us to see more possibilities:

veerle@rsyc.be or tel 058/415747.

Club Yachts up



Seagull MC2

Seagull MC2.jpg

Seagull MAX XL

Seagull MAX XL.jpg

Club Members who want to make use of these yachts, pay an annual fee. These revenues allow us to repair and renew our yacht park.

People who have no yacht themselves and choose for this possibility, can take a yacht whenever they want without extra costs.

Clubhouse up

Both all the club’s yachts and all the boats and yachts of the individual members fit into our spacious ground. A row of dunes between the club and the beach offers protection against stormy winds. We have running water to clean yachts and gear. There’s no trespassing of cars, so it’s quite secure for children to play.

Members can store inside dismounted yachts and surfing material. Furthermore all kind of repairs are possible in the fully equipped workshop. Of course, we dispose of all sanitary fittings, dressing rooms and hot showers.

The bar is open in weekends from 11 a.m. till 5 p.m.. During Easter and summer holidays it is open from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m.

The yought club DE KRAB and the secretary of the federation (LAZEF) also use our clubhouse.

The Beach up

What we call the ‘beach of De Panne’ is in fact the beach from Koksijde to Dunkirk (France). Our club is situated at 2 km from the French border. This beach is 30 km long and has 4 hard sand banks. So, ideal conditions, many European race pilots envy us!

When to sail?

It’s possible to sail from 3 hours before till 3 hours after low tide. As the tide moves up at a rate of 45 minutes every day, we sail during the morning in one week and in the afternoon the next one.

In July and August, it’s forbidden to sail in the tourist area from 10 a.m. till 6 p.m. In France, regulations are the same, which still leaves us a beach of around 3 km.

During this period, races are seldom. On the other hand, it’s very nice to start early in the evening and sail on a desolated beach till it gets dark.

Contact up

adress Dynastielaan 20, 8660 De Panne.
tel 0032 58420808
mail info@rsyc.be
Danny Saubain president voorzitter@rsyc.be
Eddy Mackelbergh vice-president, secretary
Gerrit De Visscher accoutant
Symen Voet board member
Stef Moors memberships administrator leden@rsyc.be

Membership 2019 up

Membership :
   Individual membership, active members  € 100 (90) *
   Family membership, active members  € 100 (90) *
   honorary member  € 25
   Sympathising member  € 25
Options for active members :
   Use of the club yachts: per person  € 90
      Club yachts : maximum per family  € 200
   series of lessons  € 0 - 45 **
   Parking on the club grounds
       first place (per elementary license)  € 20
       Extra place (per elementary license)  € 100
   Sailnumber  € 6

* € 90 on payment before 10-02-2019
** A sseries of lessons costs € 45. Members can get one series for free.


All club members are insured via the Flemish federation Lazef.

Situation up

Dynastielaan 20
8660 De Panne
+3258420808 (weekend + daily in July and August)

History up

Thanks to the excellent beach, Landyachting started in De Panne as long as a hundred years ago. The first race ever was held in 1909 here and in 1924, the first land yacht club in the world started, the ‘Sand Yacht Club Pannois’.

In 1954, the club was granted the priviledge of being able to call itself "royal" because of its 25 years’ existence. At that time the club got its present name : Royal Sand Yacht Club.

In the early years, the RSYC was purely a land yacht club. Activities like surfing, speedsailing, catamaran sailing and others came later.

Since 1992 the club disposes of new accomodations which could well be the best in the world. We owe this to the considerable efforts of the municipality and the national Department of Sports, and of course to the contribution of our members.

In 1998, when we organised the world championships, a few members of our club wrote the unique book:

The adventure of SAND AND LAND YACHTING 1898-1998

This book contains 128 pages, 150 photos and is written in three languages (Eng, Du, Fr). It’s for sale in the club for 995 BFr (24.6 €). You can also order it by mail.